Hettinger native Denise Andress has quite a history with taking pictures and the art of photography has always fascinated her. Over the course of several years, she has certainly developed her own style in color, composure and lighting. Having grown up in Hettinger, Denise knows the ins and outs of the best locations around the area to showcase unique, stunning moments while embracing the natural beauty of the county’s landscape that frames her focal points to the finest degree, creating more than just a snapshot.

Her preferred, and favorite, time-of-day to shoot pictures is right on the brink of sunset, which creates a dynamic, natural look that has become something of a trademark. Her work certainly has its own footprint in the realm of local photography and strikes a style that is undoubtedly Denise.

“I believe photography should capture the emotion and energy of the moment, so it can be preserved for others to feel.” -Denise Andress